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Microcephaly: A Success Story

Tim is No Longer Blind, Deaf, and Immobile When Tim was born, he was cyanotic and had trouble breathing. After his birth, he had difficulty feeding and seemed sluggish compared to most newborns. By 9 months of age Tim was delayed compared to other babies. Doctors recommended therapies to speed […]

The Good Thing About Fathers

One of the good things about fathers is that they aren’t mothers. Father is wonderful because he won’t do things for his child that he knows perfectly well his child can do and should do for himself. He has a hard-nosed respect for his child’s ability that no one else […]

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Clean Air Prevents Illness

The health of our children begins with the air they breathe.  Certainly every mother and father wants to create a home environment that is healthy in every way.  We are all aware that the chemicals produced by our modern way of life are increasingly compromising our environment. Some countries have […]

Cerebral Palsy: Injury to the midbrain can be treated

Melvin’s Success Story Gives Hope for Children with Brain Injury   After Melvin’s birth, he appeared to develop well and his parents thought that everything was fine. However, when he was five months old he caught the flu and became severely ill. He vomited a great deal and lost nearly […]


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What Does Your Child Really Want? Here’s a great idea – ask him!

  Whether you have an 8-month-old who uses the birth cry to ask for something, or a 6-year-old screaming at you, knowing what your child really needs and wants can be a challenge. Mothers really want to know: What does my child really need? What does he really want? Mothers […]

From Hemiplegia and Learning Problems to Running a Marathon and School

Nihad crosses the finish line Nihad was born a well child. At 5 months of age, he suddenly became very ill. He became very irritable and lethargic, developed a fever, and began projectile vomiting. At first, doctors thought it might just be a product of teething, but it became obvious […]