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Bits Alive! The Students of The Institutes live a week in the wild

Insects, Birds, Mammals, Reptiles, and Amphibians are among our most popular categories of Bits of Intelligence – not to mention Butterflies and Moths, Birds of Prey, Water Birds, Leaves, and Flowers. Teaching a Natural History Class in our International School is easy and great fun with students who already know many animals and plants, and […]

Developmental Delay: Elisa Conquers All 6/22/2015

Elisa was a healthy baby at birth. As far as her parents knew, she was a well child who was developing normally.  But when Elisa was four years old, she had her first seizure. Her development was slowing in comparison to other children her age, and her parents realized that something was wrong. During the […]


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Father’s Day Post from Hannes 6/21/2015 2

Letter from a Father of Children with Special Needs: So often I hear the words: “You must be a special parent that God would trust you with a special needs child.” I always reply with: “That is exactly what I thought before it happened to me.” I guess the key is to embrace the kindling […]

Professional Fatherhood: The Duty, Battle, and Joy 6/21/2015

Professional Fatherhood: The Duty, Battle, and Joy By Bob Moses One of my favorite parables is the story of three men to whom a different amount of talents were given. One man was given five talents, another man two talents, and the third man one talent. The man who received five talents courageously and wisely invested them. He doubled the amount […]

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Caelum Tells His Story 6/19/2015 1

We have the privilege of featuring the story of Caelum. After many years of hard work and dedication, Caelum has reached levels that were never though possible. Caelum is not just smart, he is brilliant! This week, the staff asked Caelum to write his own post for the Facebook page. Here’s his story in his […]

Mother vs. iPad 6/12/2015

I don’t think iPads are better than mothers. I don’t think iPhones are better than mothers either. I love my iPhone. I doubt that there are many people on Planet Earth who love and appreciate the genius of the iPhone any more than I do. When it’s bad boy little brother arrived –the iPad – […]


Developmental Delay: Adam’s Path to Wellness 6/03/2015

Adam meets Liza Minnelli at The Institutes Adam appeared to be a healthy baby and toddler. But, when his behavior became noticeably different from that of other children, his parents, teachers, and doctors did not know what was wrong or what to do about it. As his mother explains, “From the beginning I was mentally […]

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Intellectual Excellence: Music Appreciation 5/28/2015

The steps for carrying out a successful Listening Program Step One Choose your favorite composer. It is always a good idea to start with your favorites when you are teaching your child. Your natural love for what you are presenting will naturally carry over into your child’s own taste. When you are comfortable executing the Listening […]

The Foundation for Success 5/28/2015 1

  35 years ago, Elane Scott attended our early development parenting course, How to Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence.  35 years later, Elane’s daughter and son-in-law attended the same course and learned how to give their child a strong foundation. Mother’s comments about her experience: “That one week at the How to Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence […]

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