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We Are The Home of "The Doman Method". Why Don't We Use It?

We Are The Home of “The Doman Method”. Why Don’t We Use It?

The Doman Method

GLENN DOMAN founded The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential to which parents from every continent have been finding their way for more than a half-century. 

As Glenn Doman and the work of the staff of The Institutes has been translated into many languages and used in many nations around the world it was only natural that admirers of our work coined the term “The Doman Method” to put a name on The Institutes work.

Glenn’s daughter, Janet Doman, became director of The Institutes in 1980. Since Glenn’s passing in 2013, the staff of The Institutes proudly continue to teach parents and to expand the mission of The Institutes around the world. While it is true that some people call The Institutes work “The Glenn Doman Method ”, it is equally true that Glenn himself very much disapproved of this term.

The Doman Method

The Director of The Institutes, Janet Doman with the Founder of The Institutes, Glenn Doman.

Glenn never used this term and discouraged others from doing so whenever he could do so.

He always said “There is no ‘Doman Method’, there is the program of The Institutes.”

He believed that using the term “Doman Method” did not properly acknowledge the significant contributions of the many staff and parents that have helped to make the work of The Institutes the dynamic and highly successful program that it is today. He also believed that the term “method” was not an appropriate description of the philosophy, program and techniques developed by The Institutes.

Glenn never liked the term “Doman Method,” and neither does The Institutes. We are The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential.  We are proud to follow in the footsteps of Glenn Doman and to teach thousands of parents of brain-injured and well children worldwide.

The Doman Method

Glenn Doman dealt intimately with more than twenty-five thousand families over the last fifty years and strongly influenced millions of families through his books. The Institutes carries on the work of this wonderful man.

This is why we can say, “We are the home of The Doman Method, but we don’t do The Doman Method.”

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