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Trisomy 21 Success Story: Egor

Little Egor gets a great start for a great life.

Trisomy-21 Success Story Egor

Egor was born with Trisomy 21. When this diagnosis is given to parents, it is often given with a prognosis that offers little hope for the child’s future. However, Egor’s parents were especially determined to make sure that Egor had the opportunity he needed to achieve his real potential. They immediately began looking for answers.

When Egor was only 4 months old, they discovered the book “What to Do About Your Brain-Injured Child.” The book, his mom said, “gifted us with hope and made us to have an optimistic view into the future again.” His parents used the book to evaluate Egor using The Institutes Developmental Profile, and they immediately started a program with him.

Trisomy-21 Success Story Egor

Parents made sure little Egor had lots of opportunity to move on the floor.

Parents wasted no time and achieved an impressive home program, which included daily opportunity for Egor to crawl in an environment that made this easier for him. Parents also understood the importance of sensory stimulation for Egor. They provided visual, auditory and tactile stimulation. They used the book “How Smart is Your Baby?” as a guide, and started the language development activities outlined in the book. They learned about manual development and began manual activities recommended in the book.

Today Egor can run farther than average children his age.

After one month of enhanced opportunity to crawl Egor had become a very good crawler and was able to crawl anywhere. At 10 months of age, he was crawling 100 meters daily. It was at that time that his parents traveled to Moscow to attend the “What to Do About Your Brain-Injured Child” course.

Egor worked up to over 400 meters of crawling daily. At 14 months he started creeping on his hands and knees. He crept, crept and crept. He was able to do more than 1 km of creeping all over his home every day then he began walking. By 19 months, he was an independent walker. By 30 months he began running. Today Egor can run farther than average children his age. He can run more 700 meters without stopping.

“He understands everything - he is equal or even ahead of his peers.”

Parents also provide Egor with an enriched intellectual environment as possible. They started teaching him to read, and followed the reading pathway outlined in the book “How to Teach Your Baby to Read”, by Glenn Doman.

They started teaching him single words, and followed the pathway to teaching him to read books. Today he has read ove books, and has become an excellent reader. They have shown hundreds of Bits of Intelligence Cards as well to provide him with an encyclopedic knowledge in many subjects. His favorite artist is Pablo Picaso. He loves to learn –his parents estimate they have shown him over 2,500 Bits of Intelligence cards!

Trisomy-21 Success Story Egor

Egor is highly intelligent, and regarding his understanding, his mother says, “ he understands everything and I’m sure that in this area he is equal or even ahead of his peers.” His mother reports that at the age of 4, he has already read 1,000 commercial books, which he has read completely independently, and with excellent comprehension. Egor knows he is respected by his parents, and his maturity shows.

His parents report, “As for behavior, often it is much better than his well peers demonstrate.” Egor speaks now in full, rich sentences. He has a very sophisticated vocabulary for a 4-year-old boy, and surprises everyone with his intelligence. He can recite entire poems all by himself.

Egor is an intelligent, capable, strong and healthy boy. His parents work hard every day to give him the best life possible. With constant dedication and diligent work, Egor has made incredible progress, and he’s just gotten started.

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