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The New Pathway To Wellness


Where To Begin

Parents come from all over the world to The Institutes with their children who need help. Some children are blind and deaf and immobile while others have moderate problems of learning or speech. Some are chronically ill or have serious feeding problems or seizures. Some may be wildly hyperactive or have unpredictable behavior while others barely move or make sounds. Some will have genetic abnormalities such as Trisomy 21. Some will be tiny babies, others may be adults with traumatic injuries or having suffered a stroke.

Almost all will arrive with symptomatic labels such as cerebral palsy, autism, attention deficit disorder, epilepsy, developmental delay, dyslexia etc. etc. etc. There are over 300 such symptomatic labels. What every one of these children or adults will have in common is that their problems originate in the brain. They are brain-injured.

The Pathway to Wellness is for the parents of brain-injured children.

The Goal


Some parents are told that their child will never walk, or talk, or see or hear or understand as other children do. Other parents are told not to expect too much that their child will always be weak, or sick. Others are warned that their child will never go to a “normal” school or be as good as a “normal” child and not to have “false hope”. Many parents are told that their child is hopeless.

We believe that no child is hopeless.

Where there is life there is hope.

The goal of The Pathway to Wellness is to provide hope, and inspiration, and a pathway to create an enriched environment for your child at home through stimulation and opportunity.

The Purpose


The purpose of The Pathway To Wellness is to provide vital information that each parent needs to know and what actions should be taken based on that information and, in addition, what actions should be avoided. Therefore, each part of The Pathway To Wellness is divided into three parts: What You Need To Know, What To Do and What Not To Do.

The Content

The new expanded Pathway To Wellness has an introduction which gives an overview of the causes of injury and the symptomatic labels. After completing the introduction parents may choose to enroll in one course at a time and complete that course or they may choose to enroll in all the courses. The Pathway covers Mobility, Intelligence, Communication, Nutrition, Medication and Surgery, and Liquid Balance.


Each of the six courses has approximately thirty brief lectures so you can take three minutes and learn one point about What You Need To Know or you could take thirty minutes and watch all ten points and then go on to the ten points covered in What You Need To Do and then, What Not To Do.

After many of the videos there are downloads provided to enhance and expand your understanding of that point. These may be a simple checklist or a full chapter of one of our books. Some provide a photograph of a child on our program or a brief video of a child.



You are encouraged to send questions when they arise or to read the questions and answers that have already been asked and are posted on The Pathway To Wellness.

Certificate of Completion

When you have watched all the content of one course and completed the study of the reading material you have the opportunity to receive a certificate of completion for that course after completing a brief overview.


When you subscribe to one course of The Pathway To Wellness you will receive our weekly e-newsletter which provides updates on the work of The Institutes, the success stories of our children on the program, and articles on topics about brain-injured children.

Common Questions About The Pathway to Wellness

The Institutes is famous for its course What To Do About Your Brain-injured Child is The Pathway To Wellness an on-line version of this course?

No, it is not. These two courses are not the same.

The Pathway was designed from its earliest creation to be for parents who could not yet come with their child to The Institutes or who might take months or years to be able to do so.

Brain-injured children do not come from cookie cutters. Each child is unique. We feel strongly we need to see our children to evaluate them. Our children sometimes have serious medical issues and need to have our expert medical team review every detail of their program. We believe parents are the best therapists when we can teach them directly and give them all the caveats and directly answer all of their questions. This takes time and we need to be nose-to-nose to do so properly.

This simply cannot be done On-line we feel it is not safe.

For parents who can come to take our course here in Philadelphia or in the cities where we present this course around the world there is no substitute. This course is designed to teach evaluation and a full neurological program. If you can come to the course “What To do About Your Brain-injured Child” then do so as soon as possible. But if there is a wait, or you can not make it, then The Pathway To Wellness will help you to understand what makes us different from all others and why that difference is so important to your child. It will teach you about the brain, empower you to enrich the environment of your child, get started doing something effective, and hopefully to see change.

Is The Pathway To Wellness an appropriate preparatory step for eventually taking the What to Do About Your Brain-injured Child course?

Yes. It is a great way to prepare, get a deeper understanding of our program, and get started.


What About the Book What To Do About Your Brain-injured Child, or the other books in the Gentle Revolution Series do I need to read them before doing The Pathway To Wellness?

No, you do not need to read any book to get started. You will see that we will provide reading from many of the books along the way as you do The Pathway to Wellness. We certainly hope by the time you complete The Pathway that you go on to read all the books that pertain to your child.

There are other On-Line courses that appear to be the work of The Institutes, is The Pathway to Wellness the only on Line Course or are there others we can safely take?


The Pathway To Wellness is the only On-line course of The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential for the parents of brain-injured children. We know that the internet is a noisy, crowded, greedy and often very deceptive place to navigate. Imitation may be considered flattering, if you are making hand bags or shoes, but when you are doing your best to help a desperately hurt child get better, against all the odds, it is reprehensible.

The Instructors

You will be meeting some of the most knowledgeable and experienced members of our staff. All are trained Child Brain Developmentalists with many years of experience evaluating brain-injured children and lecturing and teaching the parents of brain-injured children.

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