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Hurt Kids Success Story: Jacob 8/4/2014

Hurt Kids – Jacob’s Success Story

We see many hurt kids at The Institutes and Jacob was one of them. Jacob was born three months prematurely. He spent the first six months of his life in the Neonatal Intensive Care unit fighting for his life, along with his devoted parents. He underwent nine surgeries at this time. At one year of age, Jacob was blind, deaf and immobile.

Here is Jacob after four months of his IAHP home treatment program:

hurt kids

hurt kids

He is beginning to see and hear.

Hurt Kids – Jacob’s Success on his Program from The Institutes

Mother writes “I am thrilled to send you this update. We just had another MRI for Jacob and the improvement is remarkable! The Neurosurgeon even said she’s never seen such improvement. I know it’s no surprise to you but it sure is nice to have some evidence of the power of your program …I thought you’d like to see the scans side-by-side.”

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