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Information and Help for Parents of Children with Special Needs and Brain Injury.

Children may have been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, autism, Down syndrome, developmental delay, attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity, or learning problems. The Institutes treats the full spectrum of brain-injured children. Children range from those who are blind, deaf, paralyzed, insensate, and speechless to children who may have learning problems in school- and every kind of brain-injured child in between.

Our Parents

Often our parents feel alone with an overwhelming problem - their beloved child falling further and further behind. Our parents believe that their child has tremendous potential that is waiting to be used. They think that it is their job to make sure their child has a fighting chance to have as many options in life as possible. They want an answer right now.

What is the first step?

The first step for our parents is to read the book “What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child.”

After we read the book what do we do?

Get started. Many parents start a simple home treatment program based upon what they have learned from reading the book. The next step is to enroll in the “What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child” Course.

Why don’t I bring my child to The Institutes First?

Our program is entirely a home treatment program. Our parents need to be carefully taught, not only how to do their home treatment program, but why each part of that program is so important. Then, parents can step back and decide whether our program is the best option for their child, or not. Once parents make that decision, they have the opportunity to do the program, see results, and bring their child for an appointment to be evaluated and to have the staff design a full program.

What can I expect when I attend the course?

In five days parents’ understanding will be transformed and their options for their child will be multiplied.

Thousands of parents have found their way to our campus. They often arrive wondering whether the benefits will outweigh the effort to come.

After one day, they know it has been worth that effort.

After two days, they will be so excited at the possibilities that it will be hard to sleep at night.

After three days, they will start to make new plans for the future.

After four days, they will step back and take an entirely different look at their child.

After five days, their lives will be changed.

On the sixth day they will return to their children no longer feeling alone, but full of hope and with renewed determination to change their child’s world for the better.

They will have:

• A functional neurological evaluation of their child.

• Their child’s rate of growth compared to average.

• The areas of the brain that must be addressed.

• The initial physical program

• The initial intellectual program

• The initial physiological program

• The Course Notebook with information to keep the program moving forward for 6-12 months.

How soon after we attend the course can my child have the first appointment?

There are two possibilities. Some parents want an appointment immediately. In this case, we will review your child’s history and give your child the next available appointment. Sometimes appointments are actually possible the week after the course.

Some parents prefer to return home and start their program. In this case, the staff calls to see how they are doing and to help prepare the family for their first visit.

What will happen at the first appointment?

The first visit to The Institutes is three days. One day is for the history, the evaluation, measurements, and the summary of progress. Two days are to learn each part of the new program that is carefully designed by the staff of The Institutes.

Parents return home to do the program for five to six months. This gives each family a chance to discover whether the program is what they really want. If it is, then they will return for future visits.

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Online Education and Information for Parents:

Our views on children with special needs

What is Brain Injury?

Misconceptions About the Brain

To be successful one must treat the brain where the injury actually exists.

There are more than 300 different labels that are commonly used to describe brain-injured children.

There are many ways that a good brain can get hurt.

What Causes Brain Injury?

Some genetic problems cause injury to the brain.


Cerebral Palsy

Developmental Delay

Traumatic Brain Injury

Attention Deficit Disorder


Mentally retarded

Learning Problems

Special Needs

Other Symptomatic Labels

Online introductory course: “The Pathway to Wellness” for parents of children with brain injury/special needs. FREE TRIAL

Online introductory course: “The Pathway to Wellness” for parents of children with brain injury/special needs. FULL VERSION

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