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Six Questions: Why the How to Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence Course is the Answer

Why the How To Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence Course is the Answer.


Can’t I learn what I need to know to start teaching my child from the books or the DVDs?

Can You Increase Your Child’s Intelligence?

Well, of course you can!

Almost every mother or father who attends the course has read How To Teach Your Baby to Read or How Smart Is Your Baby? or all of the books. Many parents have viewed all of the DVD’s as well. Our parents are usually very well informed. Many have begun a great home program and their children are already doing well. They quickly learn you can increase your child’s intelligence. But it cannot be denied that from the moment our parents enter the Valentine Auditorium until the moment they depart our parents say there is nothing like learning from the staff, seeing demonstrations with real mothers and real children from our school, and spending an entire week with parents just like them. They are no longer the ugly ducklings because they want to teach their children at home. Instead they have found the place where the swans can get together. What a relief to find you are not alone! Many parents in the course form friendships with each other that last well beyond the course week.

I have about a hundred questions I want to ask. How will the course help me?

Most of your questions will be covered in the course. The course is designed around the questions parents have been asking us for the last five decades. And, just to make sure that every question is answered, our parents have ten minutes every hour to get comprehensive answers to any individual questions that they may have. The only questions our parents leave with are the ones they may forget to ask!


I have never been away from my child for a whole day. I cannot imagine leaving my child for a whole week.

Helping Increasing Your Child’s Intelligence is Worth It

Yes, that is really hard to imagine–and you are not alone. The majority of our mothers have never left their child before attending the course. It would only feel right to leave your child for a week if it turned out to be a life-changing experience. Our mothers tell us at the end of the week that for them it was the best decision they ever made for their childyou can increase your child’s intelligence. You will return home refreshed, recharged and full of creative energy.


I am not at home full-time. Is this week really appropriate for me?

We created this course for mothers who are at home full-time, but almost from day one mothers arrived who were not at home full-time and insisted that they needed the course. It turned out that they were right and we were wrong.  They made the case that, if they did not have all day every day with their children, they wanted to be sure that the time they had with their children was happy and productive. They wanted to have a _real _relationship with their children.  We agree.

I did not like school and I was not happy to be in a classroom. I do not want my child to have to same experience I had, but it is hard to imagine five days of lectures. Can I survive that?

Survive? We have left no stone unturned in our effort to insure that every student in the course is comfortable and certain that they will return home confident that they have what they need to have a great time with their child. Very few students have ever experienced a course where each instructor is an expert and has one hundred percent of his or her attention fully focused on you and your child. And the result is that you can increase your child’s intelligence!


Aren’t you just a teeny, tiny bit biased about how great this course really is?

Yes, you bet we are.

We know that this is going to be one of the most important things you could ever do for your child. We think that this is the very best use of your time, your energy and your resource on behalf of your child. We wish every parent in the world could have this course.

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