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How To Train for a Swimathon0
How To Train for a Swimathon
Published: March 3, 2016 | 2 minute read

Swimathon Training Parents can design their own swimathon for their child, setting goals that fit that family and child. The Evan Thomas Institute Swimathon has two timed periods. Swimathon Training can be fun and exciting for your child. 30-Minute Swim For young swimmers, they must be able to swim independently one length of a 25-yard pool They may swim on their back (with flutter kick and sculling) or using a front crawl with rhythmic breathing.

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A Cardiac Arrest, Brain Injury and a Poor Prognosis Didn’t Stop Greta from Walking0
A Cardiac Arrest, Brain Injury and a Poor Prognosis Didn’t Stop Greta from Walking
Published: March 2, 2016 | 5 minute read

Brain Injury Diagnosis Proves Incorrect Greta was born by emergency C-section. After she was born, it was noted she had aspirated the amniotic fluid, and she needed a blood transfusion. The baby lost a great deal of blood, and her organs nearly failed. She went into cardiac arrest and required cardiac massage to revive her. She had no birth cry and breathed poorly. A diagnosis of brain injury was given to Greta.

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Cerebral Palsy: Super Carla makes a super effort–and triumphs.0
Cerebral Palsy: Super Carla makes a super effort–and triumphs.
Published: February 17, 2016 | 5 minute read

After Carla was born, her parents could only hold her in their arms for a few moments before she was rushed to the pediatric intensive care unit. She was born 10 weeks prematurely and needed full medical support to survive. She spent two very difficult and trying months in the hospital, where parents could only view her through a window. The first eight weeks of life: Baby Carla in intensive care on her belly, which is the best position for the brain-injured child.

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When is it too late for the brain to recover?0
When is it too late for the brain to recover?
Published: February 3, 2016 | 9 minute read

Mental Retardation — Joshua’s Success Story At age 25, Joshua starts the journey that will change his life — can his diagnosis of mental retardation be overcome? Joshua and Mother Following a difficult birth, with no detectable heartbeat prior to delivery, Joshua was incubated and given oxygen to survive. Mom stays in close communications with baby Joshua to encourage him to keep fighting Parents were told there was little hope their baby would ever develop normally.

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Tokyo University Medical School Presentation0
Tokyo University Medical School Presentation
Published: January 28, 2016 | 3 minute read

Brain Injured Kids, Adults Presentation The Institutes has been pioneering in the area of brain-injured kids, adults for over 60 years and whenever we get the opportunity to share our success in the field, we do! We recently had the honor of attending a Tokyo University Medical School Presentation. We always welcome such occasions to spread our knowledge with peers in the worldwide community. Professor Kobayashi Dir. Dept Public Health, Tokyo University, Janet Doman, Dir.

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