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Laterality Problems in Brain-Injured Children part 2

Laterality Problems in brain-injured children

Everyone knows someone who has a child with a problem. Parents who have a child with a learning problem are desperate for information. When a parent of a child with a learning problem contacts The Institutes, the questions he or she asks are usually the same ones that are asked over and over again. We have chosen some of the most common questions and their answers in the hope that the parents of these children can learn more about the brain and the most effective means of treating the brain.

How can i help my daughter choose a dominant side? How do i know if she should be right-sided or left-sided. Does it matter?

Eighty five percent of us are right-sided, and the remaining fifteen percent of us are left-sided. The genetic predisposition for one side or the other comes from our parents. Some children show an early preference for one side over the other and continue this preference throughout childhood. Others switch back and forth in the early years. It is best to observe carefully without interfering with the process or imposing one side or the other. Problems occur when a child child who is really meant to be one side is encouraged to use the opposite side. This is much more likely to occur in children who are naturally left-sided. Sometimes parents or teachers force these children to use their right hand in the mistaken belief that this will “make life easier” for them. This will create a laterality problem where one would not have existed if the child had been permitted to use his left hand.

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