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Frequently Asked Questions about “The Glenn Doman Method”

Published: April 15, 2015 | 8 minute read
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Who was Glenn Doman?

GLENN DOMAN founded The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential to which parents from every continent have been finding their way for more than a half-century. It is difficult to know if Glenn and The Institutes are more prominent for their pioneering work in the treatment of brain-injured children, or for their work in early development of well children.

Glenn dealt intimately with more than twenty-five thousand families over the last fifty years and strongly influenced millions of families through the book What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child, and the creation of the groundbreaking Gentle Revolution Series of books and materials that teach parents how to teach their babies at home.

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Glenn Lecturing

Did Glenn Doman create The Doman Method?

As Glenn Doman and the work of the staff of The Institutes was translated into many languages and was used in many nations around the world, it was only natural that parents and admirers of the work coined the term “The Doman Method” to acknowledge the considerable search and discovery in the field and to put a name on The Institutes work. Over the years, thousands of parents have been introduced to the work of The Institutes often by a friend or professional who directed them to learn about “ The Glenn Doman Method. ”

It is certainly understandable that people call The Institutes work “ The Glenn Doman Method. ” However, Glenn himself never used this term and discouraged others from doing so. He always said “There is no “Doman Method,” there is the program of The Institutes.” He believed that using the term “Doman Method” did not properly acknowledge the significant contributions of the many staff and parents that have helped to make the work of The Institutes the dynamic and highly successful program that it is today.

The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential is proud to follow in the footsteps of Glenn Doman and to teach thousands of parents of brain-injured and well children worldwide.

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Glenn Doman Lecture

I heard that the “Doman Method” can be used to help brain-injured children, including children diagnosed with cerebral palsy, autism, Down syndrome, developmental delay and learning problems. Is that true?

Glenn Doman and The Institutes are internationally known for pioneering work in child brain development and for its programs to help brain-injured children achieve wellness.

Historically, children diagnosed with developmental delay, cerebral palsy, autism, Down syndrome, attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity, learning problems, dyslexia, and a host of other symptomatic diagnoses have been considered hopeless. All of these are labels, not a real diagnosis. A proper diagnosis describes where the problem exists in the brain, the degree of the problem, and the extent of the problem in the brain.

Thousands of parents have come to The Institutes to learn how to help their children at home. Those parents have proven beyond any doubt that brain-injured children are not hopeless, but instead have tremendous potential. The Institutes exists to insure that all brain-injured children have a fighting chance to be well.

The objective of The Institutes is to take brain-injured children, however severely hurt, and help them to achieve normality physically, intellectually, physiologically, and socially.

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I heard that I can use the “Doman Method” to teach my baby or young child at home. Is that true?

Glenn Doman wrote How To Teach Your Baby To Read in 1963, and this was the beginning of a gentle revolution which continues to this day. Millions of mothers and fathers have read this book, and countless babies and young children have been started on a pathway to intellectual excellence as a result. For a half-century, mothers and fathers have been teaching their babies to read, to do math, to gain encyclopedic knowledge, as well as to become physically excellent.

For over a half-century, families have found their way to The Institutes from more than 120 nations. While there is a great diversity of background, language, and culture among the families, they have in common an extraordinary devotion to their children. Their children are their first priority in life. They are committed to doing everything in their power to help their children realize their full potential.

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Glenn Doman Method

I know a therapist, school, or center that claims to practice the “Doman Method.” Are they qualified to be teaching this program?

There are many around the world who say they use “The Doman Method.” Our staff are carefully trained. Part of that training consists of hundreds of hours of experience directly teaching parents and children. These individuals are qualified Child Brain Developmentalists with the certifications that testify to the completion of this training. When people claim that they are experts in “The Doman Method” and they have not had proper training by us, they clearly are not experts. For 50 years, we have written books to help parents around the world understand our philosophy. Teachers and therapists read our books and often want to use what they have learned to help their students or their patients. This is understandable and even laudable. We want our work to be used to improve children around the world. It is why we exist. However, if after reading a book or attending a lecture, someone creates a clinic or a school about which we know little or nothing it is, in our view, not responsible to assert credentials in our work, when none exist. Some of these individuals have little or no experience or direct knowledge about the work of Glenn Doman and The Institutes. They do not use our real philosophy or create a genuine program. As a consequence, their results are often poor. Parents who innocently seek their help believe that they have actually been doing our program, and when the program is poor, the child fails. Such a child will never have the chance to have the benefits of genuine treatment program of The Institutes. This is harmful to children. It is harmful to parents and it is harmful to The Institutes.

This is why it is essential for parents to educate themselves about the philosophy and work of Glenn Doman and The Institutes. This can be done by reading the books of Glenn Doman and the staff of The Institutes. Some parents are able to come to The Institutes directly and attend our courses. Most importantly, if parents understand the philosophy of the programs created by Glenn Doman, when they meet a person claiming to be ”doing The Institutes Program” they will be able to differentiate a genuine program from the opposite.

The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential serves children from all over the world. The international headquarters is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Qualified branches of The Institutes are the European Institute in Fauglia, Italy, and The Doman Kenkyusho in Tokyo, Japan. The Institutes have offices in Aguascalientes, Mexico, and Madrid, Spain. The Institutes presents courses for parents in Philadelphia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Singapore, Russia, Australia and India.

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Glenn and Janet Doman

Are there members of the Doman family who continue to carry on Glenn Doman’s life work?

Katie Doman worked side-by-side with Glenn from the first day of The Institutes in 1955 until Glenn’s last day. Today she continues that work by answering every letter written by mothers and fathers who read one of our books and write to us. She also sees children who come to The Institutes from all over the world. Katie travels to Europe and Asia to see children with the staff there.

Janet Doman, the daughter of Glenn and Katie Doman, has been the director of The Institutes since 1980. She grew up at The Institutes and was pitching in to help brain-injured children by the time she was nine years old. She was directly involved in The Institutes groundbreaking work in early reading. Janet and her father updated and revised Glenn’s international best-selling books. She co-authored How To Teach Your Baby To Read, How To Teach Your Baby Math and How To Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence, How Smart Is Your Baby? and How To Give Your Baby Encyclopedic Knowledge. Janet spends most of her day teaching the parents of hurt and well children and helping them to discover the vast potential of their babies and their own potential as teachers.

Douglas Doman is the vice director of The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential. As president of The Institutes in Europe, he is responsible for The Institutes operations and families throughout Europe. As the son of Katie and Glenn Doman, he grew up on The Institutes campus knowing the brain-injured children on the clinical program. Douglas co-authored How to Teach Your Baby To Be Physically Superb, which has been translated into ten languages, and is the author of How To Teach Your Baby To Swim. He is married to Rosalind Klein Doman, director of The Institute for the Achievement of Physical Excellence. Their four children have enjoyed the benefits of The Institutes programs for well children.

Other members of the Doman family have joined The Institutes staff and play key roles in teaching both the parents of brain injured children and well kids how their children can achieve intellectual, physical and social excellence.

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