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How To Teach Your Baby to Read

When you teach your baby to read it not only begins a life-long love of reading but it also promotes brain growth and development. When parents understand how the brain grows and why it grows the way it does, they can use their love and understanding of their child to become the very best teacher their child will ever have.

In the 50 years since Glenn Doman wrote How To Teach Your Baby To Read, millions of parents have read the book and countless babies have been started on a pathway to intellectual excellence as a result.

Children have tremendous potential and ability; they can learn to read at a very early age. They can read, they want to read, and we strongly believe they should read. Tiny children have, burning within them, a boundless desire to learn, and they can learn absolutely anything if parents know how to teach them.

Brain growth is a dynamic and ever changing process. When we teach a baby to read we are growing the auditory and visual pathways of the brain. The brain grows by use.

by Glenn Doman® and Janet Doman

The Deluxe Program contains what every parent needs to get started teaching your baby to read.

This program includes these essential materials needed to get started:

  • Large reading word cards (75 single word cards, 27 couplet cards, 13 phrase cards, and 5 sentence cards) all leading up to your child’s first book.
  • The revised and updated hardcover edition of the How To Teach Your Baby to Read book.
  • Enough, Inigo, Enough, a full-color, high-quality, hardcover book.
  • Certificate of Achievement to award on the day your baby reads his first book!
  • The 75-minute, DVD of How To Teach Your Baby To Read.
  • The words in this program are 2.25 inches tall and are best for an 18-month-old. For younger children, make your own cards 3 inches tall.

The How To Teach Your Baby To Read Deluxe Program

This exciting book presents a revolutionary idea: that tiny children should be given the opportunity to learn when it is easiest for them to absorb new information, from birth to six.

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Myths About Reading

  • Reading is a school subject.
  • Reading should begin at age six.
  • Young children are not “ready” to learn to read.

Our Views On Reading

  • Reading should be taught at home.
  • Reading is the baby’s birthright.
  • Young children are ready because reading is natural and fun.

What Parents Say…

I employed your method on my grandaughter at age two and she could read the Reader’s Digest at age three. Currently she is an “A” student in Los Angeles schools at age sixteen. I recommend your book to all young mothers. — Mother, from California, USA

You have done the impossible. Six months ago, if someone had said that my two-year-old son could be reading by three, I would have said ‘Impossible.’ — Mother, from Louisiana, USA

I have a master’s degree in education, but what is taught at The Institutes is unique, useful and life-changing. The program empowers parents by giving them the tools to teach children at an early age. — Mother, from Pennsylvania, USA

The How To Teach Your Baby To Read Deluxe Program

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