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Encyclopedic Knowledge Program

Little children are far more intelligent than anyone has ever dreamed. During the first few years of life, they absorb information at an astounding rate. They can learn absolutely anything that we can teach in an honest, factual, and joyous way. The Encyclopedic Knowledge Program is beneficial.

We teach our children about the world around them – the natural world of insects, mammals, reptiles, birds, fish, trees and plants. Kids also love to learn about great art masterpieces, history and science.

Children have showed us in the most delightful way that the brain really is the only container that the more you put into it the more it will hold. And while teaching their kids, our parents are getting a second education that is often more interesting and useful than their first education may have been!

The Deluxe Program contains what every parent needs to get started giving your baby encyclopedic knowledge.

by Glenn Doman® and Janet Doman

This program includes these essential materials needed to get started:

  • Five categories of BIT OF INTELLIGENCE® cards, ten cards in each category and ten key facts on the back of each one. (Bit of Intelligence titles are subject to change without notice.)
  • The hardcover edition of the How To Give Your Baby Encyclopedic Knowledge book.
  • The 60-minute DVD of How To Give Your Baby Encyclopedic Knowledge.

The Encyclopedic Knowledge Deluxe Program

Encyclopedic Knowledge Programs allow you to take advantage of those early developmental years, when your child’s ability to learn is limitless. This Program gives your child a life-long love of learning, respect for knowledge for its own sake and a broader and richer vocabulary.

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What Parents Say…

I should mention that I hold early childhood certification from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and have taught public and private pre-school in Pennsylvania and Ohio. What else was there for me to learn? I was awed with the research and findings of Glenn Doman, about the capacity of the newborn baby’s brain and the innate eagerness to learn. — Doctor from Pennsylvania, USA

Our programs have extended far beyond what we thought possible. With both parents working full-time with many, many extra hours, we are shocked when we review this past year and consider all that we have covered. Anatomy, geography, art, music appreciation, performing arts (piano), arithmetic, math, horticulture, zoology, Biblical history, American history, astronomy, biology, and more seems like a lot, but since we rolled these topics in little by little and within the means of our schedule we have personally experienced just how doable this is. The best part of it all is that the kids truly love these experiences. — Father from San Antonio, Texas USA

My one-year-old son loves all of your programs, and I love seeing his mind thrive with them. Thank you for sharing the invaluable research that you pursue at The Institute for the Achievement of Human Potential with us. — Mother from USA

The Encyclopedic Knowledge Program

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