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The Graduate Course

Have You Taken The How To Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence Course & Are Ready To Take Your Next Step?

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The Graduate Course is designed to provide everything you need to teach your child at a more advanced level. It consists of more than forty hours of lectures, demonstrations and practical application in advanced concepts of child brain development.

Years of preparation and experience have gone into this course. The Graduate Course covers the next step in intellectual, physical, social and physiological development. Parents learn about respiration, brain function and neurological organization so that they can apply these concepts to their home programs. There are frequent opportunities to ask questions throughout the course.

The Graduate Course provides parents with more confidence in continuing their home teaching program. You deserve another week of joyful learning at The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential (IAHP).

All parents attending every session of the course will receive a certificate of qualification at the Intermediate Professional Mother/Father Level of Human Development.

Eligible to take the course are parents who are graduates of the How To Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence Course. Enrollment is limited and the course is only presented once each year, in May.

Monday: Reading & Writing

This is a chance to learn how to refresh and update your reading program and move on to the next exciting step with your child. If you are stuck, get unstuck. If you need inspiration and new ideas – we have a lot to give you.

Are you ready to start to teach your child to write? We will teach you how to begin right now. The Writing Pathway will be taught from beginning to end. This is a very creative and important part of your new program.

Tuesday: Social Excellence

Is social growth on the top of your list right now? Probably.

By the time a child is two years old, if we do not have a clear, fair, and consistent approach for what is OK and what is not OK in the household, we are in trouble. We devote an entire day to a sane, workable, and very effective way of establishing order, preserving harmony, and honoring agreements in the household. Sound good? It is.

Wednesday: Problem Solving

Isn’t the ability to solve problems your ultimate goal for your child–to be a problem solver?

You will learn how to offer practical problem solving, intellectual problem solving, physical problem solving, and social problem solving. They are all important, and we cover it all. This is an exciting day. We all want our kids to be part of the solution to the problems of the world, not part of the problem. This process begins very early, not at University!

Thursday: Physical Excellence – Swimming

The physical staff will instruct you on how to teach your baby (or child) to swim. This is a perfect opportunity to get your physical questions answered and to strengthen and improve running, gymnastics, and any physical activity that your child does or wants to do in the future.

Friday: The Developmental Profile

The Developmental Profile is reviewed and examined more closely, covering the important aspect of laterality. We will teach you about laterality and why it matters to your child now and in the future.


Learn what is next in music appreciation and theory and enjoy a concert that will touch your heart.

Foreign Language

You will learn how to improve your foreign language program or get the help you need to start one.


Get your questions about nutrition answered and learn more about creating a healthy home for your family.

What Parents Say…

Parents who have taken the IAHP Graduate Course tell us that it was exactly what they needed to enhance their home program.

The IAHP Graduate Course is one of the best things I have done for myself and my family. — Mother from USA

I feel the #1 thing these courses provided for me was a better understanding of our children. Since the first course, I have felt more connected to them than I had previously thought possible. So just when I thought it couldn’t get better, the Graduate Course instilled an even deeper understanding. That is priceless. For me, it was well worth all the sacrifices to go. — Father from USA

I loved learning about discovery teaching, the Civil Code, problem solving, writing and much more. I have more confidence in continuing the program. — Mother from California USA

Very few things in life are truly a need. This course is a need fulfilled. The benefits will last all our lives. — Mother from Pennsylvania USA

Have You Taken The How To Multiply Your Babies Intelligence Course & Are Ready To Take Your Next Step?

Enroll in The Graduate Course Today!

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