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Five Myths: Who has problems, readers or non-readers?

Myth #1: Children who read too soon will have learning problems.

We have been teaching little children to read for 49 years. We have yet to know or hear about a single child who has a learning problem as a result of knowing how to read. Being able to read with great enjoyment at three won’t keep a tiny kid from tripping and cutting his lip, but it will prevent him from being part of the 35% of our children who fail to learn to read in first grade.

Myth #2: The child who reads early will have a reading problem.

In half a century of teaching well babies and very young brain-injured children how to read, it is clear that having the ability to read is not a problem, but rather a solution. We have never seen a child harmed by learning to read. If teaching a child were harmful, shouldn’t we have hundreds of letters from mothers telling us about it? We haven’t. We do have thousands of letters from all over the world telling about the great joy and pleasure mother and baby had in learning together. Children who can read don’t have reading problems. Children who can’t read have reading problems.

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