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  • ETI Graduate Tells Her Story: Janelle 4/21/2015

    Tue, Apr 21, 2015 | Reading Time: 1 Minute Read
    IAHP ETI Graduate Janelle Janelle with her twin sister “My time in The Evan Thomas Institute had a huge effect on my attention to physical fitness and my performance as an athletic artist. One of the biggest assets I think I gained was the habit of cross-training. As a professional dancer and acrobat, the discipline to cross-train is invaluable for many reasons, most important of these being the prevention of injury.

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  • Birth Trauma: The Astonishing Story of Pierre 2/11/2015

    Wed, Feb 11, 2015 | Reading Time: 4 Minute Read
    Recently, a mother in South Africa wrote to us about her son—a young man whom we never met but whose life was greatly influenced by The Institutes. At birth, the umbilical cord was wrapped around Pierre’s neck and he was almost delivered by caesarean section. All seemed well, at first. A few hours later, however, Pierre stopped breathing and had his first seizure. Mother says, “Later that day our baby did not even remotely resemble the one delivered earlier that day.

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  • Pain Reduction: Dr. Wally Schmitt & Dr. Jerold Morantz Teach at The Institutes Annual Conference 11/6/2014

    Thu, Nov 6, 2014 | Reading Time: 8 Minute Read
    Each year at this time The Institutes invites members of its research team to present a seminar on a specific topic or to present case histories for problem solving. Dr. Schmitt teaches pain relief techniques Dr. Schmitt and Dr. Morantz, long-standing members of The Academy for Child Brain Development, have instructed The Institutes staff in the Applied Kinesiology techniques of fascial flushing and Golgi tendon organ and muscle spindle cell stimulation to improve hip dysplagia in brain-injured children.

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  • Physical Excellence: Why does it matter so much?

    Thu, Oct 2, 2014 | Reading Time: 5 Minute Read
    Physical Excellence: Why does it matter so much? Physical excellence is the ability to handle any physical problem that comes along in a lifetime. This is our ultimate objective – one that we keep in mind in everything we do with our children and one that we hope will bring them great pleasure and, if need be, even save their lives. To achieve physical excellence we must keep our attention on the development of coordination, strength, endurance, fitness and the product of all of these are confidence.

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