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The Intensive Treatment Program

iahp intensive treatment program

The Intensive Treatment Program is the oldest and most successful program of The Institutes. This is a pioneering program to develop better and more effective treatment programs. The Intensive Treatment Program enables parents to bring their child to The Institutes to be evaluated and to receive a treatment program on a regular basis. In addition, parents receive extensive lectures and training in child brain development. Parents return home and carry out an intensive treatment program with their child and are supported in their efforts by close contact with the staff during the home treatment periods between visits to The Institutes. The Intensive Treatment Program demonstrates what superb accomplishments are possible for brain-injured children by loving, determined, and highly informed parents.


The objective of the Intensive Treatment Program is to achieve physical, intellectual, and social growth towards normality in as many children as possible. Since this is the most intensive program offered by The Institutes, it holds the greatest chance for wellness for any individual child. The purpose of the Intensive Treatment Program is to create treatment programs for children under conditions as close to ideal as the state of knowledge will permit and to teach those programs to parents who carry out the treatment on an intensive basis at home.


Full entrance into this program is by invitation only. Parents are considered for this program only after they have been successful members of the Aspirant Program. Both parents must have attended the What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child Course and have received their Certification in Human Development at the Initial Parent Level and completed the Home Program Consultation.


Parents who wish to be considered for the Intensive Treatment Program must be successful participants in the Aspirant Program. Excellent contact with the staff between the Aspirant Program visit and the next visit is essential. This contact consists of monthly reports and direct contact with the staff when there are questions or problems of any kind.


iahp intensive treatment program

The child admitted to the Intensive Treatment Program is seen approximately every six months. Each of the visits is one week in length: a day of history and evaluation, two full days of lectures, and two days to learn the new program.

Each week includes:

  • Full history of what has occurred since the last visit.
  • Functional neurological evaluation.
  • New Developmental Profile.
  • Physical measurements.
  • A summary of progress.
  • The Lecture Series.
  • A detailed sensory program is created.
  • A detailed mobility program is created.
  • A detailed intellectual program is created.
  • A detailed physiological program is created.
  • Careful instruction for the parents in how to do the new programs.
  • Questions are fully answered.
  • Contact for the next 6 months is outlined in detail.

iahp intensive treatment program

The lectures provide the principles and techniques necessary to understand and carry out mobility, intellectual, physiological, and social programs designed by the staff for each child. These lectures are carefully organized so that they become more sophisticated as the knowledge and experience of each parent grows. Parents do not require any special knowledge or education. For a half-century parents from all walks of life have come to The Institutes and benefited from this unique series of lectures. The child’s personal staff advocate continues to monitor closely the child’s progress and ensures that all contact from the parents (reports, telephone, fax, e-mail, or mail) is handled promptly. The unparalleled experience of the staff in treating brain-injured children combined with each family’s unique understanding of their own child results in an extraordinary bond of knowledge between the staff and the parents. This bond is enhanced by mutual respect and affection.


During each week spent at The Institutes, the parents receive credit for all subjects taught and credits are awarded and recorded. After the successful completion of Lecture Series IV and no fewer than 18 months of the Intensive Treatment Program, both parents receive the Certificate in Child Brain Development at the Intermediate Level. After the completion of Lecture Series VI and no fewer than 24 months on the program, parents are awarded the Certificate in Child Brain Development at the Qualified Parent Level.

Vital Information

It is very important that families on the Intensive Treatment Program are as well prepared as possible for their visits and they maintain excellent contact with The Institutes. We have learned through a half-century of experience that an intensive program achieves the fastest results. The Intensive Treatment Program is comprehensive. It is designed to give the child the maximum stimulation and opportunity from the time the child awakens until the child goes to sleep. This does not permit time for school or outside activities.

Requirements of the Intensive Treatment Program:

  1. Mother or father must be present and doing the home program at all times.
  2. The full program must be accomplished daily.
  3. Excellent contact with the staff on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis is vital to success on the program.
  4. Both parents are required to attend all visits.
  5. Following the initial visit to The Institutes, revisit appointments are scheduled approximately every six months.

During this initial two-year period, the majority of children will have successfully achieved at least one major victory such as seeing, hearing, walking, talking, reading, or writing for the first time. During the first two years a small number of children will achieve wellness and graduate from the program. If parents wish, the child is seen once a year to ensure continuing wellness until the child has achieved his or her adult position in life. Most children are substantially improved but still not entirely well at the end of this period. Parents may continue to return to The Institutes until a child is able to function as well as his peers. At the end of the initial two-year period, parents are now totally certified as Child Brain Developmentalists at the Qualified Parent Level. They may remain in the Intensive Treatment Program for a longer time, or they may transfer to the Home Study Program or attend the Lecture Series and continue to enhance their program at home.

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