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Home Study Program

What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child by Glenn Doman is essential reading for parents.

iahp home study program


A prime objective of The Institutes is to make the unique knowledge gained over the last half-century available to all parents. The Institutes has published many books in the field of child brain development. These books have been translated into many languages and are available throughout the world.


Any parent is eligible for this program.


Obtain the book, What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child by Glenn Doman.


iahp home study program

The IAHP Home Study Program consists of reading What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child by Glenn Doman. The parents on the IAHP Home Study Program should read this book very carefully. Parents may wish to read the book several times, so that they are confident that they understand its contents. They may then design a program to use with their child. The program should take into account the needs of the child, the amount of time and energy that the family wishes to devote to the program, and the family’s aspiration for their child. The family then uses the program they have designed to treat their child. The family may then wish to read other books in the Gentle Revolution Series to enhance and expand their physical, intellectual, physiological, or social program.


This is not a certification program, since it does not offer the parent the opportunity to attend classes at The Institutes.

Vital Information

The books of The Institutes are published by Square One Publisher in the United States. All of the books are usually readily available from The Gentle Revolution Press or We recommend parents interested in doing the program own a reference copy of this seminal work of Glenn Doman to refer to. Our books may also be available from your local library.

A parent who inquires about the program of The Institutes may request an issue of The In-Report. This unique journal catalogs the precise victories of each child presently enrolled in one of the programs of The Institutes. The In-Report keeps families informed of the significant events and discoveries that are being made at The Institutes. Those who wish to subscribe to The In-Report may do so through The Gentle Revolution Press.

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