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The Lecture Series Program

iahp lecture series program

The Lecture Series Program was developed for parents on the Intensive Treatment Program and is a vital part of that program. The lecture series encompasses lectures on mobility development, intellectual development, physiological development, and social development.


The objective of the Lecture Series Program is to provide parents with intermediate and advanced information in the field of child brain development, so that parents may use that knowledge to improve and enhance the progress of their children at home. Parents who graduate from the What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child Course but who are not yet enrolled in the Intensive Treatment Program are able to attend these ongoing lectures in child brain development. By attending these lectures, parents continue to gain knowledge of child brain development and apply this knowledge to their child at home. The lecture series can also be important to parents whose child is enrolled in the Aspirant Program. When a family is waiting for an initial appointment, parents may benefit from attending these lectures while they wait. When these families do have their first appointment, the staff can design and teach a more advanced program that would not have been possible without the additional knowledge gained in the Lecture Series.


A parent who has earned the Certificate in Human Development at the Initial Parent Level in the What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child Course is eligible. If only one parent is certified, only this parent is eligible to attend the Lecture Series Program.


The staff recommends that parents who enroll in the lecture series program review the book What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child by Glenn Doman, all the materials from the course, and their own notes. Additional reading of The Institutes books and literature is highly recommended at this point. The lectures are very stimulating and are carefully organized to enable each parent to learn about child brain development.


This six-part program consists of more than 80 hours of lectures. It includes demonstrations by the staff, parents, and children enrolled in our Intensive Treatment Program. In addition there is a comprehensive review of the results of treatment of children in the Intensive Treatment Program at each Lecture Series. Each two-day lecture series contains lectures on mobility growth, intellectual growth, and physiological growth. As the Lecture Series Program advances, social growth is also included. The Lecture Series Program provides increasingly more advanced lectures. The first lecture series is the What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child Course and the content of subsequent lecture series is outlined below. Each lecture series is a steppingstone for the subsequent lecture series. For this reason the series must be attended in the sequence outlined.

Lecture Series I

What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child Course

Lecture Series II

Physical Growth Lectures

  • The Medullary Reflex Program
  • The Ontogenetic Mobility Pathway
  • The Quantification of Human Mobility
  • Intellectual Growth Lectures

    How To Multiply Your Child’s Intelligence
  • Part 1: Heredity and Environment
  • Part 2: Myths About Kids
  • Part 3: Defining Intelligence
  • Part 4: Potential Intelligence
  • Part 5: The Brain vs. Computer
  • Part 6: Intuiting the Laws
  • Part 7: How To Teach Your Child Mathematics
  • Part 8: How To Teach Bits of Intelligence
  • Physiological Growth Lectures

    • The Gravity Free Environment
    • The Gravity Assisted Program Intellectual Growth Lectures
    • The History of The Institutes for Intellectual Excellence • Joyousness and Reading
    • The Auditory Pathway
    • Communication and Language Development Physiological Growth Lecture
    • The Effect of Food, Chemicals, and the Environment on Health, Behavior, and the Brain Physical Growth Lecture
    • Applied Kinesiology, The New Aerobic Program, and Biofeedback Social Growth Lecture
    • The Law Results of Treatment

Lecture Series IV

Overall Growth and Development Lectures

  • The Life Plan
  • The Honeymoon Program Physical Growth Lecture
  • How to Grow the Integrative Areas of the Brain Intellectual and Social Growth Lecture
  • The Civil Code Program Physiological Growth Lectures
  • The Study of Seizures Results of Treatment

Lecture Series V

Overall Growth and Development Lectures

  • The Developmental Profile
  • The Ontogeny and Phylogeny of Human Growth and Development Physical Growth Lectures
  • Active Respiratory Patterning
  • Restorative Yoga for Your Child and Your Family Intellectual Growth Lectures
  • Problem Solving
  • Laterality Results of Treatment

Lecture Series VI

Overall Growth and Development Lectures

  • The Human Spirit
  • How To Program Your Child Physical Growth Lectures
  • Physical Excellence Review Intellectual Growth Lectures
  • What Prevents Your Child From Talking
  • The Language Development Program Physiological Growth Lectures
  • Physiological Excellence Review Results Ceremony of Certification Reception

Please note: The lectures are constantly changing. The titles and content will vary as the staff continues to find better solutions for brain-injured children. The lectures are usually conducted on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

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