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Child Autism

Parents from all over the world have helped their children diagnosed with autism move along the path to wellness. Using the programs developed by The Institutes, children diagnosed with autism have been able to significantly improve their ability to learn, to communicate, to solve problems and, in some cases, to perform at age level or above.

“Autism” or “autistic” or “autism spectrum disorders (ASD)” are words to describe children who exhibit a wide variety of symptoms, including problems with communication and social interaction.

Children who exhibit these symptoms usually have problems in the cortical and midbrain areas of the brain.

Autism is a label, not a diagnosis. A proper diagnosis describes where the problem exists in the brain, the degree of the problem and the extent of the problem in the brain.

Myths About Autism

  • They have “behavior problems”.
  • They need to be medicated.
  • They are “mentally retarded.”

Our View on Autism

  • They have neurological problems.
  • Amphetamines, barbiturates, anti-psychotics and tranquilizers alter brain function.
  • They are intelligent.

Child Autism


child autism

To be successful one must treat the brain, where the injury actually exists. The Institutes offers a comprehensive home program that focuses on neurological growth and development. Our goal is physical, physiological, intellectual, and social growth towards excellence for each child.


The Institutes presents courses for parents where they can learn how to successfully provide enrichment and opportunity at home to help their child progress. Learn More

Our course for the Brain-injured Child is presented in Philadelphia in the United States, India, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Russia, Spain, Australia, Singapore and Mexico. Click For Course Dates


A proper diagnosis describes where the injury exists in the brain, the degree of the injury, and the extent of the injury to the brain.


Parents may wish bring their child to The Institutes. After a detailed history is taken and a careful and thorough evaluation is completed, a diagnosis is made and a home treatment program is designed for each child and carefully taught. Learn More


When parents return home to carry out the program, the staff of The Institutes provide the support parents need to carry out the program until their next visit to The Institutes.


Using the programs developed by The Institutes, children diagnosed with autism have been able to improve function and, in some cases, perform at peer level or above. See Results


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