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Amazing Results

The following results were achieved by 3,024 Brain-Injured Children – From 1998-2016.

“Results – The only thing that matters in the world of our children and our parents.” – Glenn Doman


Of the 390 children who were blind, 326 (83%) saw for the first time and 275 children learned to read.


Of the 162 children who were deaf, 137 (84%) heard for the first time.


Of the 589 children who were unable to walk, 309 (52%) began to walk without help for the first time.


Of the 1,195 children who were unable to move, 469 (39%) crawled for the first time in their lives. They went from being paralyzed to being able to crawl across a room without help.


Of the 566 children who were unable to creep, 366 (64%) began to creep for the first time. This is to say that they defied gravity to move to the third dimension and now get all over the house on hands and knees.


Of the 1,353 children whose comprehension was not yet equal to that of the average three-year old, 1,198 (88%) were able to understand at least as well as a three-year-old for the first time in their lives.


Of the 684 children able to walk, but not run, 354 (51%) learned to run for the first time.


Of the 1,710 children who were unable to read, 1,661 (97%) read for the first time.


Of the 1,414 children who couldn’t speak, 591 (41%) spoke for the first time.


Of the 766 children unable to write, 194 (25%) wrote for the first time.


Of the 1,744 children who were on the program for 12 months or more, 493 (28%) achieved perfect health for at least 12 consecutive months. Of these, 191 had no illness for more than 24 months, and one had no illness for 12 years, 3 months.


Of the 743 children who were on anticonvulsant medication, 482 (64%) were completely and successfully detoxified. Of the remaining 261 children, 34 are in the process of complete detoxification.

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