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Senior Executive Staff

Janet Doman Director IAHP

Janet Doman, Director

Janet Doman has been the director of The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential (IAHP) since 1980. She grew up at The Institutes and was pitching in to help brain-injured children by the time she was nine years old. She was directly involved in The Institutes groundbreaking work in early reading. At fourteen, she illustrated one of the first books ever published that was written and designed to be read by two- and three-year-old children.

After completing studies in zoology at the University of Hull in England and physical anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania, Janet devoted herself to teaching early reading programs to parents at The Institutes.

In 1974, she headed a team sent to Japan to teach English to mothers and babies at the Early Development Association in Tokyo. On her return to the United States she helped to create The Evan Thomas Institute, the first of The Institutes devoted to teaching mothers of well children how to develop their tiny children intellectually, physically, and socially.

Janet and her father updated and revised Glenn’s international best-selling books, How To Teach Your Baby To Read, How To Teach Your Baby Math and How To Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence. She authored the children’s book Enough, Inigo, Enough, and co-authored How Smart Is Your Baby? and How To Give Your Baby Encyclopedic Knowledge.

Janet spends most of her day teaching the parents of hurt and well children and helping them to discover the vast potential of their babies and their own potential as teachers.

Denise Malkowicz Medical Director IAHP

Dr. Denise Malkowicz, Medical Director

Dr. Denise Malkowicz was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She earned her medical degree from Hahnemann Hospital Medical School, interned at Bryn Mawr Hospital, and performed her residency in neurology at the Medical College of Pennsylvania, where she was chief resident.

Following Residency, she did two years of Fellowship in Clinical Neurophysiology and Epileptology at Medical College of Pennsylvania (MCP). She participated in epilepsy surgery and investigational drug studies in clinical trials of anti-epilepsy medications. She was Clinical Assistant Professor of Neurology at MCP and a Neurologist and Clinical Neurophysicist and Epileptologist at MCP and Hahnemann Hospitals, now known as Drexel/Hahnemann.

She is board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in Neurology as well as Clinical Neurophysiology. Over the years she has been an important part of the Physiology staff at The Institutes.

When her first child was born, Dr. Malkowicz learned of The Institutes programs for well children. She attended the “How To Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence” Course and The Graduate Course. About teaching her children she said, “Becoming a mother enriched my understanding of pediatrics, and my involvement with The Institutes has enhanced my understanding of the potential for recovery and enrichment after brain injury.”

With her extensive knowledge of neurology and seizures, Dr. Malkowicz has lead discussions at the Academy of Child Brain Development meetings. She has been involved in clinical research and medical education at The Institutes, and in 2016 she accepted the position of medical director.

Susan Aisen Director IAHP

Susan Aisen, Director, The Institute for the Achievement of Intellectual Excellence

As a graduate student at the University of Michigan, Susan began her studies and training at The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential in 1973. In 1980, she became the Director of the Institute for the Achievement of Intellectual Excellence, and the Director of the Evan Thomas Institute.

She is a principal lecturer in the “How To Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence” course, which has been presented since 1978 to parents the world over. She teaches parents how to enhance the growth and development of the brain through intellectual growth, specifically in reading, mathematics, and encyclopedic knowledge. She also teaches parents how to do an evaluation of their child using The Institutes Developmental Profile.

Ms. Aisen is also a principal lecturer in the “What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child” course. She teaches parents of brain-injured children how to evaluate their children neurologically and how to create an effective program of sensory stimulation to enhance seeing, hearing, and tactility.

Susan is an international lecturer on intellectual growth in children, and has taught parents in England, Ireland, Italy, Brazil, Colombia, Malaysia, Japan, China, Singapore, Puerto Rico, and the United States how to create intellectual excellence in their children.

She served as a consultant to Glenn Doman in the writing of How To Teach Your Baby Math and How To Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence. She is a co-author of the book How To Give Your Baby Encyclopedic Knowledge.

Susan is a principal lecturer in The Pathway to Wellness, now available online to parents worldwide.

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