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Ten Useful Parenting Tips for New Parents

  Be professional. Mothering and fathering are the most important professions in the world. Don’t apologize, don’t compromise, and don’t be bullied into doing anything you do not understand or with which you do not agree. You know your own child better than anyone else.   Be organized. Mothers have a […]

Children with Down Syndrome are Not Hopeless

Children with Down Syndrome are Not Hopeless   The latest research about Trisomy 21 gives cause for hope   According to a recent study done by Drs. P. Baggot and R. M. Baggot, children with Trisomy 21 develop more rapidly when provided with daily stimulation and opportunity. These findings came […]


Down Syndrome Success Story – Daichi gets off to an Amazing Start

Down Syndrome Success Story Daichi gets off to an amazing start. While the pregnancy was uneventful, one day prior to Daichi’s due date, doctors found that the fetal heart rate had dropped. They immediately called for an emergency C-section to be performed. The baby was jaundiced and his oxygen level […]

The Newborn: Let’s Mobilize Babies

Without question, the single most important program for any one-day old baby is the Floor Program. It, more than anything else, determines whether a child will be physically excellent. During the How To Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence course, great emphasis is placed on the Floor Program. Unfortunately, there is little […]

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Why Dairy Products are Harmful for Your Child

Children’s health often improves when dairy is eliminated. When it comes to nutrition it is a very difficult time to be a mother. Some of our favorite “comfort foods” turn out to be very uncomfortable for the human body. When mothers come to us for nutritional help, the very first […]

ADD and Developmental Delay: A Story of Success

Andres proves that the brain does grow by use Life was tough for baby Andres. His parents sensed that something was very wrong, but doctors told them not to worry. When Andres was born, he was cyanotic and could not breathe. It had been a prolonged and difficult labor for […]

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