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How To Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence

Home Course for Parents   Our home course is derived from the beloved course of the same name that has been inspiring parents from all over the world since 1978. Thousands of parents have graduated from this course and returned home to create a new world for their children and […]

Social Growth: Love, Respect, and The Law

  It is a great compliment to a tiny child when his parents decide that he is ready for the earliest social program, “The Law.” The Law Program concerns the rules of behavior that will most benefit a child in relation to himself, his family and, eventually, to society as […]

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Developmental Delay : John is Leading the Pack Now, Not Struggling in the Back

John’s life began in the African Congo. His mother had a difficult pregnancy because she suffered from asthma and bronchitis which was complicated by a bacterial infection and high blood pressure. After a prolonged labor, an emergency c-section was performed. Within a few hours of birth the baby began having […]

Triathlon 2016: The Iron Kids Do It Again

Athletes will travel from around the world this weekend to Hawaii, where they will dive into the ocean and swim three miles, jump on to a bike and pedal 100 miles, and finally polish off this incredible feat, by running a full marathon. Whoever finishes first will be crowned “Iron […]