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Is Cerebral Palsy Incurable?0
Is Cerebral Palsy Incurable?
Published: February 16, 2017 | 8 minute read

Ivan says “Anything you can’t do is really only something you can’t do yet” Ivan was born after an induced labor, in which forceps were used to speed his delivery. His umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck. He was jaundiced, and doctors found cephalohematomas on both sides of his head. At first, Ivan seemed to be fine, and he was sent home. He was a very quiet baby – he almost never cried and spent most of the day sleeping.

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Developmental Delay: Victoria and Mother Write Their Own Success Story0
Developmental Delay: Victoria and Mother Write Their Own Success Story
Published: January 18, 2017 | 7 minute read

Victoria with her mother, father, and baby brother. Mother experienced a challenging pregnancy with early hemorrhaging, followed by numerous ultrasounds performed monthly. The air quality of their home in Mexico City was poor and parents worried about the ill effect on the baby. When it is was learned that the baby had the umbilical cord around her neck, a Caesarean delivery was scheduled. The baby’s birth cry was delayed and she was placed in an incubator at once.

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Genetic Abnormality: It is not a Life Sentence0
Genetic Abnormality: It is not a Life Sentence
Published: December 14, 2016 | 4 minute read

Reader’s Digest feature: Alex, a Brain-Injured Kid, proved the experts were wrong Photograph by Noah Farris When Alex was born, he was hypotonic and weak. Parents and doctors noticed he had abnormal facial features. The baby did not respond to people as much as other babies did. He was weak and did not smile. After genetic testing, he was diagnosed with Kleefstra Syndrome. He was one of only 100 children diagnosed with this genetic disorder at that time.

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What Mothers Know0
What Mothers Know
Published: December 8, 2016 | 8 minute read

What Mothers Know - First Six Months Are Critical To Development From the moment a baby is born, a struggle begins. Mother does her best to keep her baby close to her, and the world does its best to separate mother from baby. This is a mistake because mothers are the best teachers in the world for their babies. It starts with the well-meaning hospital staff who often whisk the baby away to a nursery far from mother.

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Birth Trauma: The Astonishing Story of Pierre Updated – 11/30/20160
Birth Trauma: The Astonishing Story of Pierre Updated – 11/30/2016
Published: December 1, 2016 | 6 minute read

Learning Disabilities Can Be Overcome More than a year ago we reported on the wonderful story of Pierre. We recently had an update from his family. His extraordinary story just keeps getting better. One of our mothers in South Africa wrote to us about her son—a young man whom we never met but whose life was greatly influenced by The Institutes. At birth the umbilical cord was wrapped around Pierre’s neck and he was almost delivered by caesarean section.

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