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What Mothers Know

What Mothers Know 1/29/2015

From the moment a baby is born, a struggle begins. Mother does her best to keep her baby close to her, and the world does its best to separate mother from baby. This is a mistake because mothers are the best teachers in the world for their babies. It starts with the well-meaning hospital staff […]

Developmental Delay Success Story: Haylie 1/28/2015

A Letter from Haylie A young woman recalls her experience on The Institutes Program – and how it changed her life Haylie writes a letter to her family Dear Family and Friends, I am writing to thank you for all of your help with overcoming my brain injury. For the last couple of years I have […]

Developmental Delay Success Story


Thought for Food 1/21/2015 2

There are few things in life dearer to us than the food we eat. Few, if any of us have ever experienced starvation or been forced to live for long periods with little or no food.  Instead we have been born into a world where food is plentiful. Vegetables are easy to prepare and very […]

A Boy Takes His First Steps 1/20/2015 2

We are so proud of this Russian family! Their son, Nikolay, just began to walk. Here is a note from his mother and a video of his first steps.   “A bit more than two years ago we heard about Mr. Doman and his work with brain-injured children. You can’t imagine how glad we were […]



Questions and Answers About The What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child Course 1/19/2015

No one has ever said that my child is brain-injured. How do I know whether this course is for my child? You may have been given one of the 350 symptomatic labels often used for brain-injured children (such as developmental delay, autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, attention deficit, learning problems, persistent vegetative state, or epilepsy). These […]

Cerebral Palsy Success Story Update: Kira 1/8/2015

Cerebral Palsy Success Story: Kira was born 30 days premature and was delivered via emergency C-section, as the doctors saw there was fetal distress.  They had to deliver her as soon as possible.   Upon delivery, Kira was cyanotic and could not breathe well and she was put on a ventilator and given medications.  She was […]

Kira 3


Happy New Year to all our wonderful families 1/1/2015

Hurt kids have taught us so much. Among the many things they have taught us is to pay attention to wellness. They have forced us to ask the question is average normal? When our hurt children could do things that average children could not do, they forced us to face the fact that average is […]

A Reassessment of the SIDS Back to Sleep Campaign 12/23/2014

Review The Scientific World JOURNAL (2005) 5, 550–557 ISSN 1537-744X; DOI 10.1100/tsw.2005.71 *Corresponding author. The opinions expressed are solely those of the authors. ©2005 with author. A Reassessment of the SIDS Back to Sleep Campaign Ralph Pelligra1,*, Glenn Doman2, and Gerry Leisman3 1Ames Research Center, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Moffett Field, CA 94035; […]

A Reassessment of the SIDS Back to Sleep Campaign

Ana Isabel Family Portrait

Developmental Delay Success Story: Ana Isabel 12/18/2014

Severe Brain-injury: Ana Isabel’s Story Developmental Delay Success Story Ana Isabel’s story is written by her parents. Ana and her parents achieved all of these results at home through hard work and determination while on The Intensive Treatment Program. Ana Isabel was born in March 1999 and due to complications during labor she suffered a […]

Duke University Study Confirms Babies Can Differentiate Quantity 12/18/2014

Babies Innate Number Sense Predicts Future Math Skill Teaching Babies Math: Michael may be a baby but he is ready to learn the language of math New research from the Duke Institute for Brain Sciences supports the math ability of infants. “The use of Arabic numerals to represent different values is a characteristic unique to humans, […]

Teaching Babies Math