The Creation of Ability

Is a baby born with certain abilities or can the intelligence of the baby be increased significantly? It has long been believed that the key milestones in a child’s development are achieved automatically, purely as a result of the child’s growing older over time and or the baby’s genetic make up. This theory dictates that the […]


Glenn & Raymundo Close Up

Celebrating the life of Dr. Raymundo Veras

          Today is Dr. Raymundo Veras Day at The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential. Dr. Raymundo Veras, a prominent Brazilian ophthalmologist, first came to The Institutes in 1956 with his young brain-injured son, José Carlos. The young boy had injured his spinal cord in a diving accident and was totally […]

Social Growth: Love, Respect and The Law

It is a great compliment to a tiny child when his parents decide that he is ready for the earliest social program, “The Law.” The Law Program concerns the rules of behavior that will most benefit a child in relation to himself, his family and, eventually, to society as a whole. The purpose of creating […]

ETI Kid 2

Staff In India

Our Course Goes to India

This week, The Institutes presented the What to Do About Your Brain-Injured Child Course in India for the first time in its history.  A team of staff set out from Philadelphia to deliver the course in New Delhi. It was a momentous occasion for the staff of The Institutes and the parents who attended. Many […]

Baby Creeping

The Newborn: Let’s Mobilize Babies

Without question, the single most important program for any one-day old baby is the Floor Program. It, more than anything else, determines whether a child will be physically excellent. During the How To Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence course, great emphasis is placed on the Floor Program. Unfortunately, there is little time to go into how […]

Physical Excellence: Why does it matter so much?

Physical Excellence: Why does it matter so much? Physical excellence is the ability to handle any physical problem that comes along in a lifetime. This is our ultimate objective – one that we keep in mind in everything we do with our children and one that we hope will bring them great pleasure and, if […]


Yuuki with Brother

Trisomy 21 Success Story: Yuuki

Yuuki was diagnosed with Trisomy 21 as an infant, and as her mother wrote, “Since then we began searching for the best solution we could find to help her develop fully.” Her mother read the book How To Teach Your Baby To Read, and began to show big red reading words to her baby. As […]

Sanity, Kids, and Terrorists 1

One day I received a letter from a brilliant mother. The address read: Glenn Doman, Fort Sanity, Philadelphia, PA, U.S. I guess The Institutes does look a little like a fort, being situated behind our 900-foot-long, high stone wall. But beyond the great compliment in that address and the Post Office’s brilliance in figuring out […]

Glenn Doman


Lectures for Parents to be Held in Fauglia, Italy – October 19, 2014

Parents of brain-injured children and parents of well children are invited to attend lectures being offered in Fauglia, Italy, on October 19, 2014. Douglas Doman will present “The Pathway to Wellness” to parents seeking help for their brain-injured children and “Fit Baby, Smart Baby, Your Baby!” to parents who are interested in enhancing their well […]