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Developmental Delay Success Story: Ana Isabel 12/18/2014

Severe Brain-injury: Ana Isabel’s Story Developmental Delay Success Story Ana Isabel’s story is written by her parents. Ana and her parents achieved all of these results at home through hard work and determination while on The Intensive Treatment Program. Ana Isabel was born in March 1999 and due to complications during labor she suffered a […]

Duke University Study Confirms Babies Can Differentiate Quantity 12/18/2014

Babies Innate Number Sense Predicts Future Math Skill Teaching Babies Math: Michael may be a baby but he is ready to learn the language of math New research from the Duke Institute for Brain Sciences supports the math ability of infants. “The use of Arabic numerals to represent different values is a characteristic unique to humans, […]

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Developmental Delay Success Story: Alessio 12/15/2014 1

Developmental Delay Success Story Developmental Delay Success Story: Alessio (In His Own Words) “I started to do The Institutes program in 1992; at that time I had problems in many areas. When I went to The Institutes in Philadelphia for the first time, my chronological age did not correspond to my neurological age. My function […]

Glenn Doman – A Lifetime of Service and Valor 12/10/2014 3

For thousands of parents around the world, Glenn Doman is remembered as a hero for his lifetime of search and discovery in the field of child brain development and the gentle revolution he created to provide intellectual, physical, and social excellence for all children. Glenn Doman, Founder of The Institutes However, seventy years ago, Glenn […]

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Developmental Delay Success Story: Aissa 12/2/2014

Developmental Delay Success Story Developmental Delay Success Story: As a young child, Aissa had frequent fevers, and often she would faint. She had her first seizure when she was two years of age, and later was put on anti-convulsant medication. She had severe recurring eczema and asthma, and took additional medications, including many courses of […]

Thanksgiving: Some tips for this holiday or any celebration 11/25/2014

This week we will celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States of America. It is a beloved holiday that is celebrated by all. In a nation blessed with so much natural beauty and abundant resources, we remember on this day all the reasons we have to be thankful. We celebrate our harvest time with a beautiful […]

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Your Baby Is Smarter Than You Think 11/21/2014

Five Tips To Help You Catch Up 1. Provide stimulation and opportunity on purpose         not by accident A birth a newborn baby is functionally blind, deaf, and insensate. These sensory pathways grow and develop based upon stimulation. The sensory pathways grow when appropriate visual, auditory, and tactile stimulation is given with […]

Traumatic Brain Injury Success Story: Ana 11/20/2014

Traumatic Brain Injury Success Story   At birth Ana was a beautiful and healthy baby girl. In the first two years of her life, she developed normally and was a happy child. However, soon after her second birthday, a terrible accident occurred that changed Ana’s life. While on vacation with her parents, Ana fell headfirst […]

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Intellectual Excellence: Music Appreciation 11/7/2014

The steps for carrying out a successful Listening Program Step One Choose your favorite composer. It is always a good idea to start with your favorites when you are teaching your child. Your natural love for what you are presenting will naturally carry over into your child’s own taste. When you are comfortable executing the Listening […]

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