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Stroke – The Devastating Effects of a Cerebral Hemorrhage

After a grim prognosis, a very tough 63-year-old takes back her life and proves to her doctors that the brain can recover. One January morning while Toshiko, age 63, was eating lunch, she felt her right hand become numb.  Five minutes later she had the same sensation in her right cheek.  Ten minutes later, she […]

Что делать, если у вашего ребенка повреждение мозга – Москва 25 – 29 Oктября 2015

Что делать, если у вашего ребенка повреждение мозга Москва 25 – 29 Oктября 2015 English Что делать, если у вашего ребенка повреждение мозга» – это обширный курс, в ходе которого родители получат важную информацию о том, как значительно улучшить двигательные и интеллектуальные умения ребенка, его состояние здоровья, социальное и физическое развитие.   Родители – самые […]

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What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child Course – Moscow, Russia – October 25-29, 2015

The What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child Moscow 25 – 29 October 2015 России What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child is a comprehensive course that provides parents with vital information on how to significantly increase their child’s mobility, intelligence, and social growth, and to improve their health and physical growth.   Parents are […]

Ten Useful Parenting Tips for New Parents 8/18/2015

Be professional. Mothering and fathering are the most important professions in the world. Don’t apologize, don’t compromise, and don’t be bullied into doing anything you do not understand or with which you do not agree. You know your own child better than anyone else.   Be organized. Mothers have a huge job, often with little or […]

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Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy – Blanca’s Pathway to Wellness 2

An MRI done on her first day of life showed massive brain edema. When Blanca was born, her umbilical cord was wrapped twice around her neck, causing asphyxia. She needed to have oxygen administered immediately. She began having seizures shorty after birth, and was given two different anticonvulsant medications. An MRI done on her first […]

Why Dairy Products are Harmful for Your Child 10

Children’s health often improves when dairy is eliminated. When it comes to nutrition it is a very difficult time to be a mother. Some of our favorite “comfort foods” turn out to be very uncomfortable for the human body. When mothers come to us for nutritional help, the very first thing we do is eliminate […]

Dairy Products

Trisomy 21 Success Story: Kosei 7/22/2015 1

Trisomy 21 vs. Stimulation and Opportunity Kosei makes his own path to success – genes may not change but lives do.  Kosei struggled to be born through a prolonged labor that ended in a Caesarean section delivery. He was unable to nurse and needed to be fed intravenously for the first week. After testing, Kosei […]

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What About Your Baby’s First Foreign Language? 7/16/2015 1

To a baby born in London tonight English is a foreign language no more or less foreign than French, Chinese or Swahili. And yet, the baby will master that first (and most important) foreign language in a few short years. How do our babies do that and how can we make an environment for the […]

Genetic Abnormality and Brain Injury: Joshua’s Journey to Wellness 7/15/2015

The following story was written by Ariana, the older sister of Joshua, who is on The Institutes Intensive Treatment Program. Ariana, 12 years old, is an important part of her brother’s team and a strong proof that for brain-injured children the family is the answer. My name is Ariana and I am very grateful for […]

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