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Kosei with Sunglasses

Trisomy 21 Success Story: Kosei 7/22/2015 1

Trisomy 21 vs. Stimulation and Opportunity Kosei makes his own path to success – genes may not change but lives do.  Kosei struggled to be born through a prolonged labor that ended in a Caesarean section delivery. He was unable to nurse and needed to be fed intravenously for the first week. After testing, Kosei […]

What About Your Baby’s First Foreign Language? 7/16/2015

To a baby born in London tonight English is a foreign language no more or less foreign than French, Chinese or Swahili. And yet, the baby will master that first (and most important) foreign language in a few short years. How do our babies do that and how can we make an environment for the […]


Joshua Running

Genetic Abnormality and Brain Injury: Joshua’s Journey to Wellness 7/15/2015

The following story was written by Ariana, the older sister of Joshua, who is on The Institutes Intensive Treatment Program. Ariana, 12 years old, is an important part of her brother’s team and a strong proof that for brain-injured children the family is the answer. My name is Ariana and I am very grateful for […]

Announcing The Arrival Of The Pathway to Excellence 7/10/2015

For many years the staff of The Institutes dreamed of creating a summary of critical points to help brain-injured children who might never be able to come to The Institutes. Parents would be able to follow these points and help their brain-injured children at home.  In 2006 work began, and the end result was the The Pathway to […]



Developmental Delay Success Story: Andres 7/1/2015 1

Attention Deficit Disorder of Developmental Delay Young Andres, a perfect example  of the “Catch-Up Phenomenon” When Andres was born, he was cyanotic and could not breathe. It had been a prolonged and difficult labor for mother, and he had no birth cry, and doctors immediately had to revive him. He needed to be incubated and […]

Bits Alive! The Students of The Institutes live a week in the wild 6/29/2015 1

Insects, Birds, Mammals, Reptiles, and Amphibians are among our most popular categories of Bits of Intelligence – not to mention Butterflies and Moths, Birds of Prey, Water Birds, Leaves, and Flowers. Teaching a Natural History Class in our International School is easy and great fun with students who already know many animals and plants, and […]

Blue Bird


Developmental Delay: Elisa Conquers All 6/22/2015

Elisa was a healthy baby at birth. As far as her parents knew, she was a well child who was developing normally.  But when Elisa was four years old, she had her first seizure. Her development was slowing in comparison to other children her age, and her parents realized that something was wrong. During the […]

Father’s Day Post from Hannes 6/21/2015 2

Letter from a Father of Children with Special Needs: So often I hear the words: “You must be a special parent that God would trust you with a special needs child.” I always reply with: “That is exactly what I thought before it happened to me.” I guess the key is to embrace the kindling […]

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Family Picture - Moses

Professional Fatherhood: The Duty, Battle, and Joy 6/21/2015

Professional Fatherhood: The Duty, Battle, and Joy By Bob Moses One of my favorite parables is the story of three men to whom a different amount of talents were given. One man was given five talents, another man two talents, and the third man one talent. The man who received five talents courageously and wisely invested them. He doubled the amount […]

Caelum Tells His Story 6/19/2015 2

We have the privilege of featuring the story of Caelum. After many years of hard work and dedication, Caelum has reached levels that were never though possible. Caelum is not just smart, he is brilliant! This week, the staff asked Caelum to write his own post for the Facebook page. Here’s his story in his […]