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Ways To Help The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential

  1. Give a copy of How To Teach Your Baby To Read to your favorite library. Many libraries have the book but some do not. Mothers and librarians tell us there is always a waiting list for the book — even at libraries that have six copies!

  2. Write your comments about one or all of the Gentle Revolution Series books for other parents on or for the website or blog where you think it will reach other parents who care about their children.

  3. Invite a close friend or relative to see An Introduction to The Institutes Video Series.

  4. Introduce the book How To Teach Your Baby To Read or other books of the series to a parents group, educators or any individual or group interested in the betterment of human beings.

  5. Send a message to your Facebook friends about the work of The Institutes.

  6. Write to The Institutes once a year and tell us how you and your child are doing. If possible, permit us to share your story with other parents on our website and in our newsletters.

  7. Make a video of your child that could inspire other parents to offer a more stimulating and exciting environment at home for their children. Email the link to:

  8. Make a video commenting on the impact one of the books or the course has had on your life and the life of your family. Email the link to:

  9. Did you know we are keeping your seat warm in the Valentine Auditorium for the people you select? Choose another mother or father just like you and send them to the How To Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence Course.

  10. Tell the story editor at your local newspaper, radio or TV station that you attended The How To Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence Course. Let them know that it could be a story of significant interest to other parents in your community. If they are interested, call us and we will be happy to contact them.

  11. Put a link to on your business website or blog.

  12. Write and tell us which items from this list you chose to do and what happened!

  13. Volunteer with The Institutes.

  14. Make us your official Amazon Smile donor! Go to to begin helping with a click of a button. Donate today.

  15. Donate Today!

The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential is a nonprofit 501©(3) organization (EIN/Tax ID # 23-1465452). Your donations are fully tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law. If you have a question, please don’t hesitate to call us at: 215.233.2050 or email us at:

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